Interest in the Spanish Speaking World

There is intense interest in ECE theory all over the Spanish speaking world, and also the Portuguese speaking world. This is due to the translation work and broadcasts of Alex Hill. All the ancient universities of Spain and Portugal study the theory regularly, as do those of Italy. The main interest in mid and South America is: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile. I do not know of there is a centralized website archive for mid and south America, but that would be a good idea in my opinon. Archiving is very important, the old physics establishment still tries to ignore the new physics, even though it is extensively archived and well known to students and progressive physics staffs everywhere. In Wales itself of course, I still have no recognition, but that is all too typical of the people who think they govern Wales – not as well as Owain Glyndw^r. The real people of Wales know good scholarship when they see it. Obviously therefore the University of Wales physics departments are irrelevant and prejudiced against Wales. This should be tested with human rights laws, it makes a mockery of equality of opportunity despite all those adverts. The Spanish and the countries that developed from Spain keep up their language, and also the Portuguese. I am quite willing for the Welsh books Council to translate the entire output of my work to Welsh, the language is perfectly capable of handling science. That would create work for many translators for years.

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