Feedback Activity for May 2012 to Date,

This is found at the end of the attached file as usual, a file which summarizes only about 2% of the unprecedented total interest in the site. This 2% sector is confined to universities, institutes and similar. This shows that several professions prefer ECE physics and AIAS to the obsolete twentieth century physics. This is by far the biggest impact being made worldwide by any physics department of any university. AIAS is in fact much smaller than the average physics department. In May 2012 to date there have been 88,508 hits from 17,809 distinct visits, 12.41 gigabytes downloaded, 55,530 page views from 99 countries, led by US, Germany, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, Britain, France, Australia, Canada, ……… Each distinct visit may indicate a large number of actual visits. This is the site of the British Civil List Scientist Myron Evans, and of AIAS, and it is archived quarterly in the National Library of Wales and British Library on, science and technology section. This month the US Archives and Library of Congress made an extensive download of the site. By extrapolation it is easily seen that this massive impact is permanent, it has been described by the eminent editor Alwyn van der Merwe as the post Einsteinian Paradigm, initiating the era of post Einsteinian physics. It is very similar to the impact made by Dylan Thomas in literature, he is now the most read poet of the twentieth century. My predecessor on the Civil List for Wales was his friend, the poet Vernon Watkins, who was selected as Poet Laureate and who read modern languages at Cambridge. Dylan read the newspaper, and needed no education.


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