Daily Report 30/5/12

There were 3,260 hits from 628 distinct visits, 30.7% spiders. National University of La Plata Argentina general; ETH Zurich 2D paper; University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland general; University of Bern UFT88; Center for Scientific Studies Chile UFT104; Fraunhofer Foundation* general; University of Illinois Urbana Champaign LCR resonant; Astrophysics Institute of the Canaries UFT175 (Spanish); Polytechnic University of Valencia UFT44, F15(Sp); University of Santiago de Compostela general; University of Valencia UFT153 (Sp); University of Poitiers* general; Center for Scientific Investigation Yucatan Mexico UFT167 (Sp); Duchess County Board of Cooperative Educational Service Poughkeepsie Hudson Valley Foundations of Physics Leaflet; Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences UFT110; University of Porto Portugal black holes rebuttal; Joint Institutes for Nuclear Research Dubna UFT9; Physics Uppsala University Essay36; Students University of Manchester UFT43; Government of Uruguay Felker13 (Sp); Rhodes University South Africa UFT41. Intense interest all sectors.

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