CISP Book on the New Cosmology

This is a spectacular discovery and development in cosmology as is entirely self evident to any rational mind. I suggest as optimal author group for this second CISP book: Horst Eckardt, Robert Cheshire, Raymond Delaforce, Gareth Evans and myself. The first three would produce extensive graphics and animations of key importance, and my old friend Gareth Evans, my former doctoral student and post doc on behalf of Mansel Davies would describe the theory. We co authored “Molecular Dynamics” for Wiley in 1982 with Coffey and Grigolini. That was an 880 page monograph produced at the EDCL in Aberystwyth. It is OO108 on the Omnia Opera. It was kindly described as a “magnificent volume” by Prof. Sir John Rowlinson, my boss from 1974 to 1976 at the PCL in Oxford. If anyone else would like to co author this book, please let me know. Horst Eckardt, Robert Cheshire, Ray Delaforce and Gareth Evans have also been invited to produce reviews for the journal. The work being done now is making a far bigger impact than even that work of that era, which netted many awards and so on. At present the old physics politburo is desperately trying to find ways of not recognizing ECE theory as they all come up for retirement.

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