Daily Report 16/5/12

There were 3,948 hits from 766 distinct visits, 41.3% spiders. University of Queensland UFT4; Vice Presidency of Bolivia UFT136 (Sp.); University of Tarapaca de Arica Chile F4 (Sp.); Chaos Computer Club extensive download of OO and UFT papers; Aarhus University Denmark UFT60; Bryn Mawr University UFT55; Chapman University California UFT141; Duke University School of Medicine levitron; Georgetown University Croca article; Faculty of Arts and Sciences Harvard University UFT212; Morgan State University Baltimore UFT25; University of Poitiers general; The Institute of Mathematical Sciences India UFT149; University of Guanajuato Mexico Proof2 (Sp); US Archives extensive automated download; Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences UFT70; Ipredator Sweden extensive download (anonymized IP site); Cambridge University UFT88; University of Durham UFT102; City of Davis California levitron; North West University South Africa LCR resonant. Intense interest all sectors.

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