Nant y Moch wind farm – Project Update

I am strongly opposed to this development and object to it vehemently. It is an insult and dangerous threat to the People of Wales and to democracy, and technologically worse than useless. It is a kind of organized vandalism on a sickening scale, and a series of injunctions should be sought by action groups all over Wales to prevent all further wind turbine development in Wales. Class actions in Court can be used to seek such injunctions as a matter of great urgency, and these class actions need to be organized. Companies responsible for causing such environmental carnage can be sued for billions in damages and also prosecuted under Section 38 of the Commons Act 2006, which prohibits all works on commonland. Under Section 41 of the Act, injunctions may be sought for court orders to dismantle all existing turbines illegally constructed. My scientific arguments are on my blog,, in many objections. The overwhelming majority of scientists now thinks that there is no human made global warming, and that wind turbines will never displace existing power stations. Refereed NASA data have proven that carbon dioxide levels have had no effect on the climate. Wind turbines are grossly inefficient, and a gigantic scam.  This is particularly insulting to Wales because it will desecrate the site of the Battle of Hyddgen at which Owain Glyndw^r defeated a force ten times his number. Many countries including the U.S. will or soon will drop wind turbine subsidies, which are the only reason for their existence. I hope that wind turbine companies will go bankrupt as they lose their subsidies, and I hope that they will be obliged by law to clean up their own mess. Some of the damage they have caused will never be repaired.

Myron Evans

Evans of Glyn Eithrym, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, Scientiae Doctor,
H. M .Civil List

Ancestral Cousin of Owain IV Glyndw^r of Wales

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Nant y Moch Wind Farm – Project Update

I am writing inform you that we have recently advised The Planning Inspectorate (the Government agency responsible for examining applications for nationally significant infrastructure projects since the abolition of the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC)), that the planned submission date of a planning application for the proposed Nant y Moch wind farm is now Autumn 2012.

This is because we are looking to make some changes to specific sections of the planning application to reflect the further responses that we have received both during and since the formal consultation period.

We will be informing the local community shortly about the changes that we are proposing to make. We will provide a period of at least 28 days for consultation on these specific changes (as required by The Planning Inspectorate) and will publicise widely over the next few weeks how we intend to undertake this consultation.

As we have previously stated, we are very grateful for the feedback that we have received on the project to date and are confident that we will be able to address the issues raised as part of our planning application submission. We will continue to be involved in discussions with stakeholders to ensure that we can progress the project and will keep you informed on progress.

In the meantime, you can find further information on our project website: eluned.lewis

Yours sincerely,

Eluned Lewis

SSE Renewables Community Liaison Officer

Fferm Wynt Nant y Moch – Diweddariad Prosiect

Ysgrifennaf i eich hysbysu ein bod wedi cynghori’r Arolygiaeth Gynllunio (yr asiantaeth lywodraethol sydd yn gyfrifol am archwilio prosiectau isadeiledd arwyddocaol cenedlaethol ers diddymiad y Comisiwn Cynllunio Seilwaith (IPC)), fod SSE Renewables yn bwriadu cyflwyno’r cais cynllunio ar gyfer fferm wynt Nant y Moch tan Hydref 2012.

Mae hyn oherwydd ein bod yn bwriadu gwneud newidiadau i adrannau penodol o’r cais cynllunio sy’n adlewyrchu’r ymatebion yr ydyn wedi derbyn yn ystod y cyfnod ymgynghori ffurfiol ac ers hyn.

Fe fyddwn yn rhoi gwybod i’r gymuned leol yn fuan ynglŷn ar newidiadau rydyn yn bwriadu ei wneud ac fe fyddwn yn penodi cyfnod o leiaf 28 diwrnod ar gyfer ymgynghori pellach ar y newidiadau penodol yma (fel sydd yn ofynnol gan yr Arolygiaeth Gynllunio). Fe fyddwn yn hysbysebu dros yr wythnosau nesaf sut y byddwn yn bwriadu ymgymryd â’r ymgynghori yma.

Fel yr ydyn wedi dweud yn flaenorol, rydyn yn ddiolchgar iawn am y sylwadau rydyn wedi derbyn hyd yn hyn ar y prosiect ac yn hyderus y byddwn yn medru ymateb i’r materion sydd wedi codi fel rhan o’r cais cynllunio. Rydyn yn dal i drafod gyda hapddaliwr y prosiect i wneud yn siŵr fod y prosiect yn symud ymlaen ac fe fyddwn yn eich hysbysu ynglŷn â hyn.

Yn y cyfamser medrwch ddarganfod fwy o wybodaeth ar safle we’r prosiect: Neu os yr hoffech drafod y prosiect mewn mwy o fanylder, cysylltwch gyda mi ar 01654 702720 neu trwy e-bostio

Yn Gywir,

Eluned Lewis

Swyddog Cyswllt SSE Renewables

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