Feedback for May 1 – 15,

This is the usual two weekly summary of distinct visits from the higher educational sector worldwide and similar. It shows visits from essentially all the best universities in the world. The attached monthly file shows an average of about 22,000 distinct visits a month over the past three years of which roughly 2%, about 440, are visits from this higher education sector, i.e. an average of roughly 440 universities and similar a month. This has been the case for a decade. This level of interest is far higher than for any comparable physics research group in the world, and there is an extensive comparitive impact table on to prove this. AIAS is smaller than the average research group in a physics department. Compared with this impact the physics departments in what remains of higher eduation in Wales are completely insignificant by any objectve measure. This is because they do not employ the best scholars in Wales and are of little or no relevance to the needs of the country. They are of no relevance to the needs of Welsh speakers. For a national university this is disgraceful and deplorable.


Monthly Feedback Statistics for AIAS.pdf

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