Daily Report 15/5/12

There were 4,910 hits from 814 distinct visits during the day, 12.3% spiders. There were extensive downloads of unified field theory and Omnia Opera papers, historical source documents, essays and poetry. Federal University of Paraiba Brazil workshop history; Swiss Federal Institute (ETH) Zurich levitron; K and H Research Company Freemont California Omnia Opera 11, 107, 108, 472; Central University Chile UFT143 (Spanish); University of La Frontera Chile Essay57 (Spanish); Conoco Phillips Corporation UFT198; Brno University of Technology Czech Republic UFT41; Allgauer Nachrichten newspaper Bavaria extensive; Chaos Computer Club extensive download of OO and UFT papers (a reform organization); Physics University of Freiburg Felker5 (Spanish); University of Regensburg UFT142; Bryn Mawr University UFT29; Boston University Essay47, 48, Letters from Vigier; University of Washington UFT4; University of Poitiers general; Gadjah Mada University Indonesia UFT152; Torland.me server extensive downloads of UFT and OO papers; In general extensive downloads of OO papers; University of Groningen UFT80; US Archives general; Stargrave Organization UFT153 Notes10; TOR Anonymity Network extensive downloads of OO, UFT, Poetry and Essays; The Karolinska Institute Sweden CEFE Leaflet; Mathematics Istanbul Technical University UFT142; National Central University Taiwan UFT85; University of Durham UFT10; New College Oxford Infinite Solenoid; University of Reading misconceptions in electromagnetism; Neath Port Talbot Council Latest Family History, intense interest all sectors. This report is a daily indication of the massive amount of interest in the Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS), http://www.aias.us. The report is only 2% of the daily total, restricted to higher educational sectors and similar. It provides free and top quality education in Wales and throughout the world.


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