Incisive Summary by Dr. Gareth Evans

Dr. Gareth J. Evans is always geneous and encouraging and I hope that these sites will bring the latest education to those in Wales and the world who are deprived of university education in one way or another. I think that websites will take over the role of formal education, especially in the anicent scholarly tradition here in Wales, as much as eight thousand years old. Of course I am also delighted with the international interest, from rich and poor countries alike. In the next message I will give a list of over a hundred countries from which people have recently read the blog on Last but not least the web is ideal in the critical struggle to save the spoken language, a struggle in which Wales has many friends in many countries.

Astonising interest. As pioneering and uniquely brilliant as your contributions are no one could have expected this (it is theoretical physics afterall). This is the first time in history when new ideas have been fully opened up to the world as they were developed and it demonstrates that individuals intuitively sense when something very significant is happening. Well done Myron – you have put our small country of Wales on the map. Our fore fathers, who often toiled so hard for pennies, would be so proud. Many of them were self taught quite brilliant and unrecognised.

Subject: FOR POSTING: Analysis of Total Feedback Since June 2009

This document summarizes the unprecedented impact of the three AIAS sites and ECE theory (,,, In 34 months of available data since June 2009 there have been 4,900,536 files downloaded (“hits”); 751,710 distinct visits; from an average of ninety five countries per month. This gives an average of 1,729,601 hits per year; an average of 265,308 distinct visits a year. The definitions of “hit” and “distinct visit” are appended. The ratio of hits to distinct visits is on average 6.52. The main conclusions are:

1) ECE theory is the main theory of new physics by international acclaim and has made the standard model almost entirely obsolete. The impact is sustained at an extraordinary high level, and will last indefinitely because it is on a “high plateau”.
2) There have been multiple visits from all relevant university departments of any note.
3) The impact is fully iternational, on average 95 countries a month.
4) The way in which new physics is taught has been changed completely, new knowledge is no longer controlled by an obsolete elite protecting its own narrow ideas.
5) The number of documents studied has increased by fifty percent sice June 2009.
6) The great majoriy of physics funding currently goes into completely obsolete physics, much of it trivially incorrect. The funding should be distributed elsewhere, notably into urgently needed new energy research, engineering and chemistry.
7) The impact is far higher than any comparable university research group, suggesting that the university system inhibits creativity and intellectual honesty.
8) The scientists of AIAS should be recognized and funded in proportion to impact made. Their work is acclaimed internationally, indicating no confidence in the standard funding, publication and refereeing systems of physics.

Myron Evans

Prof. M. W. Evans,
Civil List Scientist

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