Results for Mawr

Ther was a very low turn out of 44.82%, the encumbent obtained only 44.9% of the votes cast and therefore only 20.12% of the electoral register, yet was “elected”. This makes a farce out of democracy. The total opposition vote was 362, while the encumbent obtained 295. There is no proportional representation. If the opposition had taken my advice and formed a pre agreed coalition, the encumbent would not have been elected. Only one person in five voted for him. This confirms my view that there can be no confidence in representative democracy, it should be replaced by an electronic referendum system, compulsory voting and proportional representation. These measures are not introduced because careerist politicians wish merely to retain personal power. This is abhorent to democracy. I think that there are no longer any party ideals, so sweeping reforms are necessary and People’s Councils must be set up all over Wales. Having failed to capture 80% of the vote, the encumbent is here yet again for a further four years. He failed to capture 80% of the vote while being Mayor of Swansea. In Swansea County not a single Councillor won a majority of the electoral register. Next time I fervently hope that the encumbent will at last be voted out by a candiadate that opposes wind turbines and all development. If the opposition uselessly splits its vote again, there will be another four years of the encumbent. The majority of Mawr who did not vote represents the silent and cheated majority.

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