Daily Report 3/5/12

Ther were 2,262 from 537 distinct visits, 34.9% spiders. University of Brasilia Hehl Rebuttal; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT section; Physics University of Zurich weak points of the standard model; Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic levitron; Technical University Darmstadt general; Boston University Autobiography sonnets; Physics Drexel University UFT4; Colorado School of Mines UFT107; MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science UFT88; Prof George Schatz Group Northwestern University UFT29; New York University DPS paper, Princeton University Diplomatic Objection to ‘t Hooft by Gareth Evans; Reed College Portland Oregon experimental refutation of Heisenberg; Rider University New Jersey UFT118; University of Nevada Las Vegas educational note 1; Xavier University general; Complutensian University Madrid general; University of Valencia Space Energy devices; Eotvos Lorand University Hungary Educational note one; Hebrew University Jerusalem UFT81; University of Modena Italy UFT181, UFT206; Physics Leiden University general; Science Radboud University Netherlands general; US Archives general; Physics Chalmers University Sweden UFT56; Glasgow University UFT166; intense interest all sectors.

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