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Many thanks indeed, this is great news! Strangely enough the world of science to have accepted the Einstein refutations calmly judging from the huge feedback interest, but there may be one or two cases of indigestion third class, and emission of bile. On behalf of new science I would like to thank you kindly for all your efforts. The refutation of EGR has become very simple and very obvious, so any dogmatist putting his nose in a hedgehog will run a sub four minute mile. The Russian author decided to publish the book with a specialist firm – it was not really a scientific book.

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Next Tuesday I will send you, Horst, Doug and Robert the final file of the special issue for final checking and then we will flood the world with the leaflets and sample copies, etc, I am quite excited, I am sure there will be a number of negative comments but I am sure you will be able to handle them ! By the way, the Russian friend you mentioned never contacted me, was it a scientific book?



Victor Riecansky


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