FOR POSTING: Reply from Information Commissioner

It seems that the records of the so called University of Wales are chaotic, judging from your attached letter. It does not represent Wales in any way, and a new University in the Welsh language is needed before the language becomes extinct. I can set the record straight for you in a couple of minutes by referring you to essay and broadcast 64. This horrendous bureaucratic jungle is what has become of the noble aspirations of the original charter, which has been cynically and illegally destroyed. Of course there was never any doubt at all that I am the youngest D. Sc. in its history and no doubt about the corruption – that is common knowledge. I just wanted to point out that I am the youngest D. Sc. to show how the university has eaten its own offspring. The original charter of the University has been illegally destroyed. So I am not disappointed, I just heap contempt upon a “university” that has so cynically betrayed its own existence. I do not play by the University’s microscopic bureaucratic rules – I am simply the most senior D. Sc. in the University and the youngest in modern history in all Britain and the Commonwealth. In addition to being its most senior D. Sc. I am a member of the University, assuming it still exists. Give me a key and I will sift through its boxes of junk myself in order to prove it, I might find my merit somewhere, a bone in a graveyard. I assume that these boxes of junk contain all that is left of the University’s history. There was no merit or any form of open competition in the appointments procedures of the university in my time, and merit from Wales is deliberately excluded – that is common knowledge. A long list of human rights laws have been shredded in my case for over thirty years. What is happening here is a moral degeneration that no founder could have contemplated. All that remain are grains of bureaucratic dust. I am quite content in my own scholarship and will not be disappointed, the university need not worry about my well being, it never has and vice versa. However the People of Wales is seething with righteous indignation. So I will now seek legal advice about the human rights violations outlined in broadcast 64. I think you have done what you could, but obviously, there is no natural justice. People of much lesser acknowledged or proven merit than mine are appointed by the so called university every day. The university was deliberately destroyed because it represented the aspirations of the People of Wales – the People’s University so abhorent to all the bigots that ever existed. So all of that sordid corruption must be reversed by new legislation. This outcome is precisely what I expected – a bureaucratic snowstorm amid the howling winds of cynicism.

“Oh that that earth which kept the world in awe
Should patch a wall to expel the winter’s flaw.”

(William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”)

Myron Evans

(Evans of Glyn Eithrym, H. M. Civil List)

cc Welsh Government

In a message dated 23/04/2012 15:39:07 GMT Daylight Time, writes:


23rd April 2012

Case Reference Number FS50421737

Dear Professor Evans

Please find attached a letter in respect of your complaint against the University of Wales.

Catherine Dickenson
Senior Case Officer


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