First Craig Cefn Parc Petition and Alleged Accounts Irregularities

This is the first of three Craig Cefn Parc petitions against all development, and effectively in support of Linda Frame Plaid Cymru. This is the silent majority in Mawr. They are completely against the policies on wind turbines and forced development, meaning forced destruction, of their village. Development and lack of a Welsh langauge primary school as in my day have almost destroyed the Welsh language in violation of EEC laws and the 20101 Welsh Language Act. I have been advised to contact the Welsh Audit Office on 02020 320500 and ask for Mr Derek Evans 07780 5544874 in order to ask for an Audit Report on the Accounts of Mawr Community Council from 2005 – 2006 to 2009 – 2010. Apparently there are irregularities advised by Mr Wynford Cook who organized the attached petition. The Community Council is ten thousand pounds in debt, and an explanation is demanded. Any development has to go through a public meeting before it can be adopted. So I advise Sian^ Ifan and Gethin ap Gruffudd and other colleagues to look into these alleged irregularities. The second petition was “lost” by Swasnea County Council, but it must be on record in the petitions office of the Council adn must be found and posted. These petitions mean that representative government is not working, the People is not being represented. An electronic referndum in Mawr would block all further development that so obviously harms the Welsh language and does not help young people in any way. I am organziing the third petition now and intend to cover as much of Mawr as I can. These petitions show the large hidden vote for Linda Frame. This support must be effectively mobilized by Plaid Cymru, and very quickly. The revelation of wind trubine executives who are also Plaid Cymru members will result in a loss of support for the party as outrage and anger against wind turbines escalates throughout Wales. Mr Wynford Cook has given me permision to ask colleagues to post this petition on other blogs. It must again have been covered up by some Council.

Myron Evans

(Glyn Ethrym, Armiger and Member of the Gentry)

Cc Welsh Government Ministers
Martin Caton MP, Gower.


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