Education in Physics and Astronomy

Following the total collapse of the Einstein theory this has to start all over again and the ECE websites are providing this education. The entire profession of physics, essentially, follows this open source education. Good physics is always very simple in retrospect – “why didn’t I see that before?” The lagrangian explanation of orbital precession could have been given in 1788 by Lagrange, it is profound and supremely elegant. Bad physics is always terribly complicated and nearly impossible to understand. After a while bad physics comes to be accepted just by repetition of dogma, and the general public knows no different. Even non-specialists in physics know no different. The educational task in gravitational physics is quite simple, just take the last note as an example. Wild anthropomorphic reactions must just be ignored, even if they come from the so called experts. If they were real experts they would have rejected EGR a hundred years ago. They are now under the microscope as never before and governments should not fund the incorrect theoretical physics of Einsteinian general relativity. Satellite data are always useful, that is experimental physics. If insults from the ignorant are going to be directed at the last note, then they are in effect being directed at the simplest type of textbook lagrangian dynamics. The entire profession must surely realize that very clearly, otherwise they would know nothing at all about classical dynamics. I mention this because there are strange people around who know nothing about science at all, but throw insults at scientists using e mail. This has always been so, even Newton was subjected to caricature on the internet of his time – the stage.

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