Battle of Culloden

On the Newlands side I am descended from the Mac Thomaidh sect of the Clan Mac an Taoiseach (Mackintosh), Clan na Chattan, Clan of the Cat. They were the first to charge Cumberland’s line at Culloden, and broke right through it. Poor generalship lost the day, and the starving clansmen were not coordinated. If they had been properly led, they would have won easily. Culloden is not a battle honour for the British Army because of what happened in the aftermath of the battle – all too well known. I do not think that any Welsh regiments were involved in the atrocities – I fervently hope not. The Newlands Family Trust is named after my great grandfather William Newlands who built this house, an original coal miner’s house which I have put in Trust for conservation, exactly like Picton Castle. It is designed to establish AIAS legally for the next 125 years and also to protect this house from rapacious, unprincipled, developers. I advise Welsh speaking families and non-Welsh speaking Welsh families loyal to Wales to form a legal battle line against the developers and put all their houses in trust for their own descendants. Choose between easy money and your language and heritage. Similarly in the Highlands and Islands where my ancestors lived and still do. The police and I are not allowed to use tasers or plastic bullets aginst biker vandals in case we hurt them. However they are allowed to drive right in to the police and myself, or anyone else. I always thought that this was a crime, (grievous bodily harm), but now it is because they are so much misunderstood and have nowhere to go with their harmless little bikes. I have never seen the incumbent for Mawr out on the moorland, which I walk every day. Getting rid of biker vandals is something I would dearly like to do. Picton would have got rid of them very promptly.

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