FOR POSTING: File for Students and Teachers at Cantonian School, Cardiff

Dr Horst Eckardt, UPITEC Director and AIAS Fellow, has kindly prepared this file for you, and great thanks to him. It uses Maxima code to produce the precessing ellipse graphically, to differentiate the precessing ellipse, and to show that the Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) does not produce a precessing ellipse (the observed orbit of a planet). This is one of its most famous claims, and it is plainly wrong. I advise studying this code carefully, and feel free to forward it to schools all over the world by chain e mail, with the permission of your headmaster and teachers, in school time if they give permission, or from home. David Herbert, a sixth former at the school, wrote me a letter asking me to explain how to draw a precessing ellipse and differentiate it. This is my reply to him. Also please refer to 214(1), and 214(2) on this blog. EGR is an obsolete theory incorrect in many ways. It is very easy to show that it is wrong. We are writing a book on this to be published soon. Feel free to use this as a course book and to recommend it to other schools worldwide:

M. W. Evans, Ed., “Definitive Refutations of the Einsteinian General Relativity (Cambridge International Science Publishing, CISP,

See home page of for more information about how to buy the book. Also I recommend study of the UFT papers and other material on the website, archived at the NationaL Library of Wales and British Library on This is difficult, but you will find that the standard physics is full of flaws which are put right by ECE theory.

Prof. M. W. Evans,
H. M. Civil List


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