Daily Report 29/3/12

There were 3,179 hits from 537 distinct visits, 48.6% spiders. Federal University of Paraiba Brazil UFT8, UFT99; Technology Training Centre University of Alberta general; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT213; Unitec University Cooperation Colombia UFT142(Spanish); Technical University Darmstadt general; Mathematics University of the Saarland Some Family History; Hampshire College Amherst GGLtr1; State University of New York Stonybrook UFT142; Engineering Universiy of Michigan UFT41; Library University of Michigan criticisms of G. ‘t Hooft by Gareth Evans; University of Washington general; University of Wisconsin Essay 42; Physics Complutensian University Madrid UFT33; University of Cordoba general; Science University of Valencia UFT166 (Spanish), Felker3 (Spsnish), UFT171(Spanish); University of Caen Normandy photon B3; University of Poitiers general, UFT212, UFT213; City University of Hong Kong autobiograhy; Indian Institute of Astrophysics UFT208; Physics University of Modena general; University of Siena Essay54 (Spanish); Sony Corporation LCR resonant; Polytechnic University Krakow Bruchholtz theory; University of Edinburgh UFT177; University of Nottingham UFT4; Kentucky Schools Space Energy, intense interest all sectors.

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