Message for Dai Herbert, Sixth Form, Cantonian High School Cardiff

Many thanks for your letter of 26th March about the simple refutation of Einsteinian general relativity. Dr Horst Eckart (horsteck), Ray Delaforce (raydela) and Robert Cheshire (rpmc_6) here could help you graph a precessing ellipse from:

r = alpha / (1 + epsilon cos (x theta))

Notes 214(1) and 214(2) give all the details of how to differentiate it (see many textbooks and google items). Dr. Horst Echardt could help you with computer algebra. The whole Cantonian school should know that Einsteinian general relativity can be easily refuted. As a Herbert you are related to me. Please tell other schools in Wales and further afield in Britain and Europe about it by chain e mail. Thanks to your teacher for helping.

Myron Evans

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