Daily Report 16/3/12

There were 3,754 hits from 599 distinct visits during the day, 42.9% spiders from large downloads. Department of Physics Federal University of Alagoa Brazil Felker3 (Spanish); Queen’s University Canada UFT106; CERN general visit; National University of Colombia Nobody is Perfect (Spanish); Siemens Corporation potential waves; Institute of Mathematics University of Hannover Engineering Model; Central Michigan University extensive download using a spider; Department of Chemistry Texas Agricultural and Mechanical (A and M) University Omnia Opera; University of Poitiers general; Paul Sabatier University Toulouse UFT142; Department of Physics Turin University UFT149; Anadolu University Turkey UFT88; Iyte University Turkey Proof1; Heriot Watt University UFT170; Sheffield University UFT175, extensive study all sectors worldwide as usual.

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