Some More Details of Authors’ Rights

The tremendous impact of the open source ECE sites and blog will help book publishing in my experience, I am keen to publish myself a small number of books on demand. Open source is the way things are going but open source does not stop people from buying books. A lot of people do not have computers, and dislike them.  The important thing for me is that this method allows me to retain copyright, so I can also publish with another publisher who would be given the copyright. Authors’ rights publishing gives a much bigger return to the author than conventional publishers and also demands a high literary and scientific standard. The method publishes prose, poetry and science and technology and has an aggressive international marketing policy, realistically necessary to sell books. The ECE websites and blog have the momentum of a supertanker and do not need any marketing at all. One of them,, is archived, and the Newlands Family Trust has been set up to maintain it live. In my experience my books with Wiley have been the best sellers, even though they cost a lot. This is because of Wiley’s control of the market. For material of equal merit, sales depend on marketing. Since about 1993, these sales have been accomplished in the teeth of wrong headed bigotry of the worst kind, Shaw’s science made superstition. We may as well have lived in 993 and criticised the king. The websites started only ten years ago in 2002, and have created a new physics and also a new way of education. “Authors Online” started about the same time as the websites, in 2001. I am delighted with the generous and successful efforts of Victor Riecansky at CISP, I am just looking for ways of helping and promoting new science on which future energy technology may depend. I do not think that the luddites can prevent this technology from developing, they would become literally as well as intellectually extinct along with the rest of us. I regard the technology first and foremost as an intellectual challenge, a problem to be solved.

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