Motivations of the Big Publishers

Almost always, the motivation of the big publishers is profit, not literary or scientific value. The small presses are the enlightened presses. I happen to know that my poetry is well liked and well received in both languages, but it still takes needs an enlightened uncommercial publisher. I have now found a method of publishing the poetry in book form with fair returns. Even R. S. Thomas (who was nominated for a Nobel Prize) would be lucky to sell 500 copies in English, compared with 10,000 copies in Welsh by Ceiriog in the nineteenth century. Again the open source ECE websites make the big impact with poetry, excellently narrated by Robert Cheshire. The material is the same, so the method of publication is important. The autobiography volume one is very popular and more accessible. Kerry’s biography is selling well and very popular. Everyone around here likes it and it contains much more than just me. Similarly for Lar Felker’s book translated into Spanish by Alex Hill. In science, the motivation of a big publisher like Elsevier is again pure profit, many of its editors hardly read papers submitted, referees likewise, and Elsevier has come in for heavy criticism by authors who have initiated a boycott of it.

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