Authors’ Rights

I now have an excellent and generous publisher in Victor Riecansky of CISP ( and I have foregone royalties on the journal to help an excellent small press able to withstand malicious personal attacks by bigots. The Omnia Opera however is a huge project and I feel he may need help if he is interested in it. If he is not interested, I can proceed to publish it over the coming few years, volume by volume. Ray Delaforce has generously helped to typeset the Omnia Opera uniformly and will of course get a share of proceeds. I have been reviewing all the work I have done for publishers, often without being paid a royalty (none for any scientific papers), or a very small royalty on books.  Authors these days have rights. They can glean the proper returns for work like any other member of society. I am quite happy to do all the work for new science without pay, but now I have found a way of getting some pay. Essay 64 shows why I have been denied pay all my life by the so called “University of Wales”, jobs for the bigotted boys with microscopic output. The incredibly sordid assault on Kerry Pendergast by a nameless bigot called “Fisher” (probably “Arthur Dent” but no proof) shows that such people will resort even to the lowest kind of gutter thuggery, without ever having read any of my work, ever having met Kerry or myself. This kind of assault (answered in Essay and Broadcast 64) is of course illegal, if it takes place in the street it is a common assault, or if it took place in a boxing ring my cousin Ffloyd Havard (four times British boxing champion) would know how to deal with it. The world of science is now aware of such violent prejudice, and has instantly rejected it. So I am preparing for the book publication of my Omnia Opera, which has netted millions of dollars for publishers large and small. I would be delighted to work with Victor Riecansky on the Omnia Opera if he is interested. On the matter of “Definitive Refutations of the Einstein General Relativity” I feel it would be an advantage to work with a company for aggressive promotion of the book, but Victor may have his own promotional methods. I am perfectly satisfied with whatever Victor decides. A lot of ugly and illogical prejudice has to be cut through, and a lot of pressure to conform. UFT202 alone shows that the EGR is nonsense. It is not convenient for the dogmatists to have the refutations published, and pressure will be applied to staff and students. This is the sad reality of modern physics. It has been torn intellectually to shreds by the ECE sites and deservedly so.

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