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210(1): Proof that the Connection is Antisymmetric

February 28, 2012

This is the final version of note 210(1), proving conclusively in yet another way that the connection is antisymmetric. The note proves for the first time that curvature can be defined in terms of torsion as in eq. (14). Curvature is therefore constructed from torsion, which is the more fundamental quantity. The Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) is obviously incorrect because it violates the Cartan identity, and violates eq. (14). In EGR, torsion is incorrectly zero and curvature non-zero. This fact has now been proven in many ways, and funding of EGR should cease completely. In order to prevent this waste of public funds, the political will must be found to overrule advisors with vested interest. So the many government departments that follow this blog are advised accordingly. For mathematicians this note is not difficult to follow. For others however it is technically very difficult, which is why grant applications based on incorrect mathematics have been funded for such a long time. My aim is to give the geometrical truth, but I also advise governments all the time through this blog. The eight year feedback data bank shows this conclusively, and I advise as a British Civil List scientist, impartially and with no vested interest. I have discovered several new fundamentals of differential geometry, and eq. (14) is yet another new discovery. It is a solution of the Cartan identity. I often go over notes to improve them, and produce final versions. Thanks to Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom for critical comments on each note. They have the technical ability to understand all aspects of ECE and are also impartial with no vested interest in incorrect mathematics. No honest intellectual should ever have a vested interest in a theory that has been proven wrong so many times, in so many ways, by so many scientists – the EGR theory.



February 28, 2012

This looks free of any error, and can be posted as OO616(a). It is one of the reasons out of very many why the CERN U(1) sector symmetry is incorrect. It is clear that CERN ignores science and mathematics. So governments should cease funding CERN and also cease funding the EGR theory. In order to do this a new, critical and impartial science funding method is needed because science funding at present is controlled by advisors with vested interest. All this will come crashing down when the world starts to run out of fuel.

In a message dated 28/02/2012 10:51:14 GMT Standard Time,

Prof. Evans,

Here’s the 1st draft of OO616 in TeX format.

Ray Delaforce

Best Wishes for a Complete and Swift Recovery

February 28, 2012

Best wishes from all the AIAS group for a complete and swift recovery to Victor Riecansky, publisher of Cambridge International Science Publishing. There is always plenty of time in science, and I advise taking it easy until recovery is assured. Many thanks again on behalf of dramatically new science. If it wishes, CISP can have permanent rights for publishing any of the AIAS work over the coming years. Ray Delaforce and I will get the Omnia Opera into camera ready condition and Ray can have a share of royalties and my step daughters could illustrate each volume with graphics and photographs. They can have a share of my own roylaties. This will be a multi year project.

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Dear Prof Evans

Sorry for my recent silence, had to undergo a routine operation but should be back to normal shortly



Victor Riecansky


Cambridge International Science Publishing

Total Number of Distinct Visits and Hits for 2011

February 28, 2012

This is the total for,, and, the three ECE sites. The total number of distinct visits for 2011 was 237,043, each distinct visit being made up of many real visits and return visits, maybe a million visits in all. The total number of hits was 1,427,617, which is the total number of files requested. The total number of hits for was 1,135,178. Over the last decade therefore there have been about fifteen million hits and two and a half million distinct visits. Over the next century there will be a hundred and fifty million hits, which is the same as the number of albums sold by The Rolling Stones or my cousin Mary Hopkin. Statistic of the month. This is calculated and extrapolated for a hundred years ahead from the attached file.


Measuring In Depth Study of ECE Theory

February 28, 2012

With reference to the attached definitions of hits and files it is possible to measure the extent to which ECE theory is studied in depth all over the world in all sectors of intellectual society. The following table gives daily average hits over the last twelve months for, during which there have been 1,082,412 hits for www.aias alone. The total number of hits for the last twelve months is the combined total for, and . I will calculate this and distribute shortly.

Month Average Hits per day Average Files per Day Ratio

Feb 2012 2964 2447 1.211
Jan 2012 3023 2283 1.324
Dec 2011 3113 2412 1.291
Nov 2011 2447 2096 1.167
Oct 2011 2918 2105 1.386
Sep 2011 2629 2006 1.311
Aug 2011 2759 2277 1.212
Jul 2011 2520 1936 1.302
Jun 2011 3240 1941 1.669
May 2011 3548 2276 1.559
Apr 2011 3118 2211 1.410
Mar 2011 3417 2499 1.367

The average ratio is 1.351, meaning that there are 35% more hits than files every day on average. A large proportion of readers study ECE in depth, and implement it in all kinds of ways. This has been going on for a decade. My feedback log began in April 2004. This is a far more detailed and objective measure of impact than journal citation. The number of hits is the total number of requests made to the server. The number of files is the total number of hits that resulted in something being sent back to the user. The ratio of hits to files indicates repeat visitors. The greater the ratio, the more people are requesting pages that they have viewed already (i.e. that they have cached already). If a file has already been requested once, a repeat request results in more hits, but does not result in more files being recorded because the information has already been sent back to the user (the person or spider making the request). If a file is requested several times by the same user, it is being studied several times. Also it is known that a tremendous amount of downloading has taken place over eight years, so that people have material bound in their paper files and on their own computers and everywhere, even up their nostrils in the immortal words of Peter Sellers.


Van de Graaf and Galaxy Rotation

February 28, 2012

This is an excellent analogy, I will see if I can find an equation r = function(theta(t)) for the motion of an electron in a van der Graaf generator. That equation can be used as the starting point for the calculation of torsion and curvature and so on. These apply equally well to a van der Graaf generator and a whirlpool galaxy.

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Dear Myron,

Perhaps there is an action versus reaction going on at the centre of the galaxy as stars are emitted from the core that can be compared with what is seen using the tools on a Van de Graaf generator.

If a clockwise spiral shape is set up on a Van de Graaf generator, the disc spins anticlockwise when the handle is turned and the electrons leave the trailing ends of the disc moving clockwise.

If an ‘L’ shape is fitted on the top of the generator with the point of the L then lying horizontal, the electrons can be felt as a breeze emerging from the point if the tip of the tongue is placed near it. This electron breeze must also be emerging from the spiral galaxy fitting and must produce the anticlockwise rotation of the spiral disc as an action versus reaction effect. Perhaps this tells us something about galaxy spin.

The centre of the galaxy could be then seen as a supermassive core spinning in the opposite direction to the trailing stars of the arms, but with whole galaxy being dragged slowly in the direction of spin of the core. The core could be systematically spun faster by subsequent stars being ejected, so the core would spin faster as more stars are ejected.

Just an idea, but it may give food for thought.

Best Wishes


Elegant Summary by Robert Cheshire.

February 28, 2012

To dispel that grim era with wit and humour, no one is better than Oscar Wilde, “The Importance of Being Earnest”. We were taught this by Miss Maude Daniels in the first year at Pontardawe Grammar School as in the autobiography. Lady Bracknell intones with finality:

“I dislike argument, argument is vulgar and often convincing.”

He was born at 18 Westland Row Dublin, once owned by Trinity College. Bill Coffey once had an office in that house and showed me around. It is Georgian in design. As for Coffey: “Work is the enemy of the drinking classes” (in humour, he is a distinguished professor who, in his younger days, had a Wilde side to his character when it comes to ethanol).

re: prev email but 1 – I’m out of step!
My pleasure,
I tried to maintain a lyricism beneath a kind of dispassionate cloak.
It is a cloak because I am empathetic and would feel the passion of injustice, betrayal and the elevation in the drive to work and produce. So, with the “less is more” and Friar Ockham’s reasoning, the more dispassionate I can appear, the more the words themselves can speak the meaning.
The lyricism would bespeak the ongoing and underlying fortitude of the author and the steadfast march of ideas, but the plain-worded facts still speak volumes beyond any skill of mine!

Best regards,


Daily Report 27/2/12

February 28, 2012

There were 5,505 hits from 720 distinct visits during the day, 15.7% spiders from google, yahoo, baidu, MSN, yandex etc. University of Vienna levitron; The Virtual Campus Graz Austria, State of Styria edyn3; University of Sao Paolo Brazil F13 (Spanish); National University of Colombia Felker3 (Spanish); General Electric Corporation extensive, including UFT200, equation flowcharts etc; Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic UFT41; Aarhus University Denmark general; University of Colorado UFT88; State University of New York Geneseo UFT158; Faculty of Arts and Sciences Harvard University UFT137, UFT109; Minnesota State University Mankato UFT18; Science Oregon State University extensive; Yale University UFT25 and proof2; University of Aragon Spain UFT152 (Spanish); Government of Andalucia educational note 1; Oulu University Finland Betrayal by Carmarthen County Council; University of Poitiers news and updates; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology UFT123; Umea University Sweden UFT142; Iyte University Turkey UFT41;University of Cambridge UFT38, extensive interest all sectors. Hits to files ratio greater than one, indicating repeat study visits and intense study of ECE theory worldwide.

recent notes

February 27, 2012

Many thanks again for going through the notes critically. Agreed with omega0. I think that the second point is answered in note 209(5), where a double spiral is used as a simple model. In general an origin must be chosen so that the star motion in a galaxy is defined with respect to that origin, then r = f(theta(t)) found. Observation must of course be used to define the orbit, then anything can be considerd, leading, trailing, and combinations. However we must start form observation, and not from another probably failed theory such as that of dark matter.

In a message dated 27/02/2012 10:39:48 GMT Standard Time.

In note 209(4) a factor of omega0 seems to be missing in eqs. 17-18. In (18) the lhs should read v squared.

In note 209(3) you placed the coordinate origin to X= infinity. Wouldn’t it be easier and more plausible to reverse the time paramter by

t –> t0 – t

Then the right directions of motion should come out. However there is a problem with the square root in (7) then. The absolute value of t would have to be taken.


Leading and Trailing Arms in a Spiral Galaxy

February 27, 2012

Nice to hear from Kerry Pendergast! We are all agreed that the standard model is incorrect, so does the entire world of physics. To deny this is to deny algebra (UFT202). So I think it is best to look at data with a fresh mind. The dynamics of a galaxy with leading arms in ECE are as given in UFT76, with an animation by Horst Eckardt. The stars emerge from the centre and evolve from it in ECE theory – leading arm dynamics as observed for example in Andromeda. Many galaxies have leading arms as a quick google search will show. However, what precisely and mathematically is meant by “trailing” and “leading”. In ECE this question is easily answered as below. The oldest stars are located in the centre, which therefore must be the origin of the motion of the stars towards the outer edge for leading arms. In the standard model it is asserted that the motion of the stars is an orbit, but that orbit is explained neither with Newtonian nor with Einsteinian theory, so dark matter was “invented”. However, recent experimental results show that dark matter does not exist. As in UFT49 the age of stars is measured by surface temperature and luminosity. I have looked up a few websites on trailing and leading arms and the argument seems to be purely theoretical. What is the actual experimental evidence for leading and trailing arms? In Andromeda for example there are both leading and trailing arms which are supposed to turn into each other according to the old theory. In ECE theory a leading arm is defined by t = 0 at the origin O In note 209(3). A trailing arms is defined by t = 0 at the point A in note 209(3). So ECE theory can deal with both types of motion. I stress that these are the beginnings of a new general relativity, and we are using very simple analytical models.

In a message dated 26/02/2012 22:03:32 GMT Standard Time,

Dear Myron,

Galaxies spin with their arm ends trailing.

There are an equal number of galaxies spinning clockwise and anticlockwise from our point of view as would be expected, since a galaxy spinning clockwise from above would be spinning anticlockwise when viewed from below. It is the direction of spin with regard to the trailing arms which is important, as you know.

Best Wishes


This note shows that the new equation of motion is the same for all spirals of the type:

r = r0 / theta power n

but that the torsion, linear velocity and angular velocity depend on n. Most generally the whirlpool galaxy may be made up of many hyperbolic spirals of different type, and may be made up of both clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. For various reasons the hyperbolic spiral is preferred to the Archimedes spiral on grounds of observation. The logarithmic spiral is ruled out by the fact that it gives no torsion. There are also double helix nebulae which require a Z axis component to be added to the spiral. Google “galaxy images from Hubble” to see double spirals such as Arp 274 and Stephan’s quintet.