Preparation of the Omnia Opera for Publication

Thanks again! I wish that some famous names would take the time to study ECE theory as Ray Delaforce is doing here.

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Ok, then I’ll start on the next paper.

I’m getting a double education while typesetting your papers – strengthening both my skill in doing the typesetting in TeX itself and my understanding of ECE theory, as I must read each paper a couple times in the process checking for typos – the math and arguments get ‘burned in’, so to speak.

Ray Delaforce

Subject: FOR POSTING: OO616(a)

This looks free of any error, and can be posted as OO616(a). It is one of the reasons out of very many why the CERN U(1) sector symmetry is incorrect. It is clear that CERN ignores science and mathematics. So governments should cease funding CERN and also cease funding the EGR theory. In order to do this a new, critical and impartial science funding method is needed because science funding at present is controlled by advisors with vested interest. All this will come crashing down when the world starts to run out of fuel.

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Prof. Evans,

Here’s the 1st draft of OO616 in TeX format.

Ray Delaforce

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