Daily Report 31/1/12

There were 2,129 hits from 492 distinct visits during the day, 23% spiders. McMaster Canada UFT9; ETH Zurich UFT18; University of Leipzig Omnia Opera; Department of Physics Danish Technical University UFT8; Columbia University UFT25; Department of Mathematics Case Western Reserve University UFT88; Missouri University of Science and Technology UFT85; Ohio State University UFT114; Purdue University UFT142; Rutgers State University of New Jersey UFT33; University of California Santa Barbara UFT123; University of California Santa Cruz UFT169; Department of Chemistry University of Pennsylvania UFT9; Department of Physics University of Vermont UFT43; IFP Energies Nouvelles (New Energy) France Rueil Errors in Einstein, overview of ECE theory, Essay35; IFP Solaize Essays 32-41, my CV; University of Poitiers UFT206, The Role of ECE Courses at Universities, essay60; Department of physics University College Cork Essay24; San Louis Potosi University Mexico Essay27(Spanish); US Archives San Francisco (Library of Congress, NSF and others) daily sweep; European Trade Union Confederation general; Pontifical Catholic University of Peru Felker7 (Spanish); AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow UFT67; Ministry of Finance Government of Poland overview of ECE theory, UFT132, UFT181, UFT184. Intense interest all sectors from individual computers.


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