Campaign Platform : Our Work at AIAS

I have been AIAS Director since 1998 and have built it up into a kind of think tank that is consulted by all the best universities in the world. I have built up a unique feedback record by computer and it is summarized in the overview file, filtered statistics file and daily reports found on the site and this powerful and influential blog. The impact of our voluntary work at AIAS is astonishing, I never thought that it would be possible in theoretical physics to attract tens of millions of hits from literally all the best universities in the world. The feedback shows that AIAS is the leading institute of theroetical physics in the world in terms of impact. I work in the same room as my grandfather, Twm Elim Jones, who composed hymns here in red notebooks in do re mi notation and four part harmony. He was Prif Ddiacon (Head Deacon) of Elim, brass band conductor, choirmaster, and tutor for the Eisteddfod, lay preacher and Head Deacon, and descended from a nine hundred year old Cambrian Norman Family, the well known Havard Family. In the next room he had a harmonium with foot pedals and many brass band instruments. I am fortunate indeed in having a very fine research group which is fully international. My work has been fully international for forty years. My main interest is in forging a unified field theory, and I have been successful in this, but an important interest is finding a new source of energy. I devised the equations for this and as a result patent offices started to take patent applications in the subject. Before that it was regarded as hocus pocus. I am employed directly by my distant Tudor cousin Queen Elizabeth as a Pensioner of the Civil List, appointed by an Act of Parliament in 2005. I have been included in Burke’s Peerage and Gentry since 2011, having been raised to Armiger in 2008. My rank is Gentleman, essentially co equal in modern times with Knight or life Baron. I am a US dual citizen naturalized at Cornell in 2000. I hesitated for a long time to run for County Councillor, but to my great surprise I am popular, judging by straw polls, and would like to work with the Plaid Cymru and Labour candidates to form a Mawr Coalition against the incumbent. If I gather enough support I would step down in favour of the Mawr Coalition candidate, probably the Plaid candidate who was second last election. These tactics are to build support and in order not to split the vote. The election system is not democractic, in that it is not proportional, so the same old tired faces stay there for years on a minority of those eligible to vote. When I returned here after a long absence I was terribly shocked by the deterioration in law and order and went through the reign of terror of Swansea Council import Dai Morris, car arson, car theft, petty theft, none of which the infinitely distant Council controlled until it was too late, as we all know. When I was brought up here there was one policeman, Watt Jones, who never made an arrest. Everyone knew each other, almost all spoke Welsh, all doors were left open. When there was a mining accident the whole village shared in the bereavment. These were the real coal miners, golden hearted labourers made of stone and iron, who regarded the younger mechanised coal miners as a bit soft. They were cultured and very polite, and would never go behind your back. You were told everything to your face and they regarded merit very highly. I was told by my family never to go down the mine, that meant certain death in one way or another. The Baptist manner is to criticise openly but fairly, if necessary hard and fair. I was brought up as a Welsh speaking Baptist, a high point of civilization in Wales, brilliant oratory and singing known throughout the world. My cousin Roy Havard could play the Bach Tocata and Fugue on the organ of Elim, my cousin Janice Havard is a concert pianist. I am descended from the Cambrian Norman Morgan Aubrey Family on my father’s side, and they go back to the Princes and Normans. In the direct line (father to son) I descend from four generations of farm labourers, back to Edward Evans Llanigon Powys, where the Hywel Harris Methodist Revival started in Wales, in secrecy in an ysgubor (barn). I myself was a farm labourer at Pant y Bedw from the age of about seven, and enjoyed the work. All this is described in my autobiography, volume one, to be published in the Spring by Cambridge International Science Publishing ( I am the most unlikely politician that ever was, but someone has to do something.

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