Advice on Back Up

As often done before I asvise all AIAS Fellows and any reader to download and back up if they have not already done so. There are plenty of back up systems available at very reasonable cost at Computer World or via the net. The two very weak points of computer systems are 1) hard disk failure; 2) virus failure. Anyone can download the site and I strongly urge all the AIAS Fellows to do so for the sake of safety. I do not like the way in which worldwide society is going, looks more and more like a totalitarian regime, and that includes physics. EGR has obviously had its day, yet we see all those big names refusing to differentiate the equation of a precessing ellipse. I do not like the creeps who go around running down honest scientists, threatening and abusing using cowardly anonymity, threatening their careers, jobs and families. The ECE theory will be here for a century to come, and all the threats in the world will not stop it now.

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