Daily and End of Year Report 31/12/11 for www.aias.us

Yesterday there were 4,015 hits from 377 visits, 28.1% spiders: University of Arizona UFT41; University of Tel Aviv general; ONS Eindhoven general; Unix central system University of Cambridge UFT99. For December 2011 there were 96,513 hits, a record 14.18 gigabytes downloaded, 15,334 distinct visits, 2,372 documents read from 106 countries. For 2011 there were 1,136,882 hits. The blog was read 41,027 times in 2011 compared with 26,991 times in 2010. In 2011 detailed feedback analysis showed that every one of the 202 unified field theory papers to date are read repeatedly every day in all universities of any significance worldwide including essentially all the top hundred universities worldwide with physics, astronomy, chemistry and engineering departments. Similarly for the essay broadcasts, articles by the colleagues and other material on the site. This means that ECE is the new theory of unified physics. Congratulations and a happy new year to all staffs, and happy new year to all readers. Attached is the overview of nearly eight years of daily monitoring of feedback from universities, institutes, corporations, government departments, military facilities, and similar. The attached is about 2% only of the unprecedented interest in the theory. There is a complete collapse of confidence in the well funded but entirely obsolete standard model of physics.

Evans of Glyn Eithrym,
H. M. Civil List,
bcc Buckingham Palace Staff, Prime Minister’s Office and Welsh Government



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