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Institutional Back Ups

December 30, 2011

The important task of archiving the historical and internationally acclaimed AIAS work has been completed – both the and sites (National Library of Wales and British Library) provide a complete backup in the event of any local computer failure. I tested the system this morning and downloaded about 150 UFT papers in about half an hour off Not only is AIAS producing the new physics but it is the leading institute of theroetical physics in the world. This statement can be proven in many ways and in great detail using feedback, which is why I study feedback as part of the overall educational task. I think of AIAS as the scientific part of the real Prifysgol Cymru or University of Wales, showing the true ability of the People of Wales, however badly it is treated. I am a fluent Welsh speaker who has produced vastly more work than anyone in the insignificant remnants that call themselves “universities” in long suffering Wales. I am interested in working at the Aberystwyth science park and with anyone who wishes to establish a true Prifysgol Cymru in which all staff are either Welsh speakers or in favour of the language, not just out for themselves by appointing themselves. As a Pensioner of the Civil List, employed directly by Queen Elizabeth II, I distance myself completely from all the corruption, as I have always done. That is why I was locked out for life and denied salary. I would have resigned in protest at the corruption anyway, retaining only my historical Scientiae Doctor degree, the youngest in modern history. I am proud and pleased at the outstanding performance of the AIAS staff and all associates.

bcc Welsh Government

Daily Report 29/12/11

December 30, 2011

There were 1,897 hits from 449 distinct visits, 23.4% spiders. Brookhaven National Laboratory UFT38; Tel Aviv University UFT116; National Taiwan University UFT88. Unresolved sector 40%, net sector 24% com sector 14%; 105 countries to date this month. Almost all activity yesterday from individual computers.

PS to Last Message

December 29, 2011

The message records the number of papers read IN ONE DAY IN ONE DOMAIN off, and I have posted the finished message on the blog. The analysis indicates beyond any shadow of doubt that all papers are read every day of the year, some many times in one day. This means intense, in depth study, and means the end of the standard model. The broadcasts are meant for the general reader and are excellently done by Robert Cheshire. They are just as important as the source papers. It is not known how many papers have been downloaded and bound into files for reading off line, probably all of them at some time or another. The same is true of the many excellent articles by the AIAS Fellows, and of all other material. This is a far higher impact than anything I achieved when I was at Aberystwyth for example, and that work established my international reputation when I was still a graduate student. So the AIAS Fellows and associates can really be proud of themselves. They can tell their grandchildren all about it, and “mighty bored they will be” in the words of Lt. Gen. Sir Brian Horrocks, in humour. I think that they will be very interested really, as for any new generation. All these papers will appear in the journal

J. Foundations of Physics and Chemistry (, June 2011 onwards)

This is strongly recommended, becasue it is excellently produced by Victor Riecansky, and binds all the papers in one place. Many excellent reviews will be published by eminent colleagues over the forthcoming years. I find that web and journal publishing complement each other, people like books and journals. Everything is archived for conservation at the National Library of Wales and British Library on

Analysis of UFT Papers read 28/12/11

December 29, 2011

This is an analysis for the com domain on 28th December 2011. The com domain for December is about 14% of the total and consists of all kinds of companies and individual scholars, a large percentage of whom are probably at university. The UFT papers read yesterday (28/12/11) in this domain alone are as follows:

177(Sp), 28, 25, 142, 54, 75, 8, 107, 18, 91, 96, 86, 95, 110, 118, 51, 41, 194, 78, 75, 168(Sp), 25, 131(Sp), 107, 41, 93, 65, 202, 188(Sp), 201, 12, 79, 56, 120, 155(Sp), 169, 104, 102, 81, 197, 63, 147, 157(Sp), 117, 48, 103, 144, 160, 64, 131, 114, 26, 33, 141(Sp), 51, 55, 24, 66, 33, 157, 124, 32, 108, 101, 134, 122, 65, 120, 10, 60, 3, 161,130, 133, 22, 46, 109, 122(Sp), 100, 97, 95, 148, 84, 164(Sp), 111, 132, 15, 139, 88, 142, 158, 147(Sp), 7, 31, 138, 102, 172,69, 145, 118, 19, 12, 30, 167, 2, 21, 19, 37, 49, 4, 16, 136, 44, 112, 107, 98, 25, 36, 27, 53,116, 137, 70, 153, 123, 40, 162, 93, 158(Sp), 94, 113, 159, 13, 126, 11, 68, 89, 115, 9, 164, 166(Sp), 141, 156(Sp), 161(Sp), 38, 153(Sp), 96, 57, 169, 90, 152(Sp), 29, 138(Sp), 87, 156(Sp).

So it is easily seen that all UFT papers are read every single day, even in the middle of the mid winter break, the quietest time of the whole year. A similar analysis shows that a high percentage of broadcasts are listened to every day, similarly for articles by the colleagues, books, Omnia Opera papers, and essentially everythingl on the site. The ECE theory is shown therefore to be as “accepted”, whatever that means, as any other theory. The overview file, massive as it is, restricts the reporting of feedback to the recognizable URL’s in the public domain of universities, institutes, government departments, organizations and military facilities, and that is only about 2 or 3% of the total.

203(8): The General Orbital Equation

December 29, 2011

This is equation (6), valid for all observable orbits of any kind in astronomy. It is tested here in the Newtonian limit and produces entirely self consistent results. It is a fully relativistic equation valid for all orbits and constructed from a constrained Minkowski metric. The constraint is the observed orbit itself, and the constraint produces torsion from Cartan geometry by factorizing the metric in terms of tetrads as usual. The general orbital equation replaces Einstein’s general relativity completely, and simplifies and strengthens the philosophy of relativity, freeing it of the many errors of the obsolete Einstein theory. It can now be applied to galactic orbits. It is developed from the familiar relativistic idea of a purely kinetic lagrangian (18), so the resultant relativistic kinetic energy (14) is a constant of motion. In other words there is no idea any longer of potential energy, the latter is replaced by torsion of spacetime. In the Newtonian dynamics the total energy E is constant (sum of kinetic and potential energies). So the Newtonian ideas of potential energy of attraction and centrifugal energy of repulsion have been entirely subsumed into geometry. So all orbits are analysed in the same way, using geometry. This is a Keplerian philosophy in other words: “ubi materia ibi geometria”, or “all matter is geometry”.


Theory of Orbits with a Constrained Minkowski Metric

December 29, 2011

This theory can now be extended to calculate the torsion associated with each orbit, and with the general orbit in a plane r = f(theta). As shown in UFT199 rotatonal motion can always be expressed in terms of frame rotation and connections, so there are many threads available with which to weave a new physics. The old one is looking moth eaten. The unique feedback study built up over nearly eight years from April 2004 shows exactly how a new theory develops worldwide, on a purely intellectual plane to devices and engineering. Every scientist knows that the Einstein theory is obsolete but at the same time it is being taught. Society is an exceedingly complicated thing, so this is to be expected. The ECE theory has generated so many ideas in the past nine years that there is an infinite permutation and combination possible, limited only by imagination. I think that this is how things must develop, science does not develop by admin and grant application. I am not sure of the role of universities in contemporary society, because of ultra expensive fees and a tendency to adhere to dogma rejected by all other sectors of educated society. Using the net, individuals can learn and practice science without universities. At this time of year this trend shows up clearly. When universities are closed for prolonged spans of time, individuals study without them, in industry, government and privately. The overview file attached concentrates on universities on the assumption that intellectual leadership is to be found there. I am not sure whether this is true any longer. It is certainly not true in Wales, where the system has been tainted by a level of corruption that is remarkable even by contemporary standards. Any decent scholar would want to stay out of all that and no student should contemplate going to such a system. It is really just a collection of individuals appointing themselves, or in the words of Lloyd-George, a selection of the unemployed chosen at random. This was his description of the House of Lords, and we still have trouble with aristocrats now, an incredibly backward phenomenon. The “universities” in Wales have no international significance, in diametric contrast to AIAS. Anyone who cares about the language should turn their backs on these and work towards a new and true Prifysgol Cymru or University of Wales.

bcc Welsh Government


Daily Report 28/12/11

December 29, 2011

There were 2,117 hits from 400 distinct visits, 38.3% spiders. Boston University Diplomatic Objection to ‘t Hooft by Gareth Evans; sceince departmen University of Vigo, Spain UFT157 (Spanish), proof2 (Spanish); Weizmnaa Institute Israel: UFT7, UFT140; U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Council UFT16, my CV and UFT10. Intense activity in teh com, net and unresolved domains as usual. For exampel teh first few items in the com domain were: UFT28, UFT25; Essay24; Omnia Opera; UFT142;UNCC Saga 1; UFT54; Journal Leaflet, ………

Second Viewing

December 28, 2011

This is exactly what I have in mind. It would be optimal if the Castle could be bought and maintained for the Nation under a Trust similar to the Newlands Trust established to maintain my own home. This is a method that I advocate strongly to all Welsh speakers to conserve and protect their housing stock, and to prevent it being sold for “development”. I am fully in agreement with the aims of the present owners, to conserve it as a cultural centre plus hotel amenities. Bryn Terfel springs to mind because he is a fluent Welsh speaker and a leading operatic performer, and probably a multi millionaire. So he has the stature and wealth of Adelina Patti. I can at least make him aware of the fact that the Castle is for sale through my contact in Clydach. I cannot promise more of course, but can work hard to establish an appeals committee.

In a message dated 28/12/2011 16:51:26 GMT Standard Time:

Is this second visit that you refer to the one that was to enable us to carry out an inspection of the areas previously closed off to us, namely the upstairs TB wards, the remainder of the theatre and most particularly Madame Patti’s private quarters? I am somewhat concerned as to what state the latter items may have fallen into or indeed been altered to over the years. They are also the original rooms of the Powell family and while obviously not as important as the Theatre, they must retain a great interest for any visitors, particularly if we can achieve a proper re-instatement, allied particularly with that of the grand staircase.

We need to know that these areas are available for viewing in full this time.


From: EMyrone
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 1:29 PM
Subject: Had a Word with Simon Edwards

I had a word with Simon Edwards in Brecon by phone and he is arranging a mutually convenient date for a second visit. The owners are not overly keen on renting an office out because they want to sell quickly, but did not reject the idea. I mentioned that I may be able to find a way of talking to Bryn Terfel. In any case I can start to invite prominent people to serve on the proposed appeals committee. A lot can be done by e mail of course, without any office. Initial funding is needed to launch a major media appeal through full page adverts, and so on, radio and TV interviews etc.

203(7): All Orbits can be described by special relativity

December 28, 2011

This is the final version of note 203(7) with the triple cross check (43) for self consistency. All planar orbits can be described by the Minkowski metric of special relativity with constraints. This means all planar orbits from the solar system to all types of galaxy, galaxy clusters and superclusters, binary pulsars and so on. This replaces the obsolete and incorrect Einstein theory, which was claimed incorrectly to be precise in the solar system, and which was unable to describe galaxies. The empirical idea of dark matter is nowhere used.


Seeking Views of Stuart Davies on Appeals Committee for Craig y Nos Castle

December 28, 2011

As the historian of the Morgan Family of Glyn Tawe, and descended from the Princes and Cambrian Normans, who would you like to see chairing the committee and serving on it? I have some “historical” links with Lord Davies of Llandinam whose family founded the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories. I would also like to invite the great bard and Gorsedd member Gerallt Lloyd Owen to represent the Eisteddfod. In view of the scandals involved in selling junk courses, I wish to distance myself entirely from the so called universities at Aberystwyth and so on. I regard myself as the senior Scientiae Doctor of the true University of Wales and do not recognize its so called “closure” without a referendum of the People of Wales, its Supreme Authority. In my view the Gorsedd of the Eisteddfod should take the University of Wales under its aegis and run it entirely in the Welsh language. The People of Wales would certainly not have allowed the University to be corrupted out of recognition and cut up into completely obscure remnants. The Morgan Family is descended from the most powerful Family in South Wales, the Awbrey Family. The committee can be convened by e mail and meet occasionally.

bcc Welsh Government