Institutional Back Ups

The important task of archiving the historical and internationally acclaimed AIAS work has been completed – both the and sites (National Library of Wales and British Library) provide a complete backup in the event of any local computer failure. I tested the system this morning and downloaded about 150 UFT papers in about half an hour off Not only is AIAS producing the new physics but it is the leading institute of theroetical physics in the world. This statement can be proven in many ways and in great detail using feedback, which is why I study feedback as part of the overall educational task. I think of AIAS as the scientific part of the real Prifysgol Cymru or University of Wales, showing the true ability of the People of Wales, however badly it is treated. I am a fluent Welsh speaker who has produced vastly more work than anyone in the insignificant remnants that call themselves “universities” in long suffering Wales. I am interested in working at the Aberystwyth science park and with anyone who wishes to establish a true Prifysgol Cymru in which all staff are either Welsh speakers or in favour of the language, not just out for themselves by appointing themselves. As a Pensioner of the Civil List, employed directly by Queen Elizabeth II, I distance myself completely from all the corruption, as I have always done. That is why I was locked out for life and denied salary. I would have resigned in protest at the corruption anyway, retaining only my historical Scientiae Doctor degree, the youngest in modern history. I am proud and pleased at the outstanding performance of the AIAS staff and all associates.

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