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The message records the number of papers read IN ONE DAY IN ONE DOMAIN off, and I have posted the finished message on the blog. The analysis indicates beyond any shadow of doubt that all papers are read every day of the year, some many times in one day. This means intense, in depth study, and means the end of the standard model. The broadcasts are meant for the general reader and are excellently done by Robert Cheshire. They are just as important as the source papers. It is not known how many papers have been downloaded and bound into files for reading off line, probably all of them at some time or another. The same is true of the many excellent articles by the AIAS Fellows, and of all other material. This is a far higher impact than anything I achieved when I was at Aberystwyth for example, and that work established my international reputation when I was still a graduate student. So the AIAS Fellows and associates can really be proud of themselves. They can tell their grandchildren all about it, and “mighty bored they will be” in the words of Lt. Gen. Sir Brian Horrocks, in humour. I think that they will be very interested really, as for any new generation. All these papers will appear in the journal

J. Foundations of Physics and Chemistry (, June 2011 onwards)

This is strongly recommended, becasue it is excellently produced by Victor Riecansky, and binds all the papers in one place. Many excellent reviews will be published by eminent colleagues over the forthcoming years. I find that web and journal publishing complement each other, people like books and journals. Everything is archived for conservation at the National Library of Wales and British Library on

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