Test Case against Wind Turbines

I would advise all anti wind turbine groups across Europe to sue the wind turbine companies for damage to health and environment in class actions. Beaufort and Wind Power could be sued for many millions. I would advise all parties to combine in Parliament to pass a Land Act to eliminate profiteering by hereditary aristocrats. A class action means that costs are shared. The Cambrian Mountains group could sue Scottish and Southern.

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cc Welsh Government

Couple settle with wind farm operators over ‘unbearable hum’

A couple have settled a High Court damages action against the owners and operators of a wind farm they say drove them from their farmhouse home with its ”unbearable” noise.

11:11AM GMT 30 Nov 2011

A judge was told today the terms of the settlement agreed by tenant farmers Sarah Jane and Julian Davis were strictly confidential.



“Mr Harrison (Davis’ lawyer) added: “Further, at least until recently when their own recordings and monitoring have finally forced the defendants to acknowledge they are causing problems, their approach has been to try and shoot the messenger”. ”
“Mr and Mrs Davis, who have two grown-up children, were seeking an injunction to bring about modification of the operation of the wind farm, plus £400,000 damages to compensate them for the noise nuisance.

Alternatively the couple asked for damages plus a “like for like” replacement for their farm home they estimate is worth about £2.5 million.

Mrs Davis emphasised that her wish was to move back from rented accommodation into her home.

The couple said the “horrible” noise problem caused by the 320ft (100m) high turbines could be resolved by removing two of the turbines and limiting the hours of operation of a third.

Mark Duchamp
Chairman, World Council for Nature
President, Save the Eagles International

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