Daily Report 29/11/11

UCC Sydney University: Concerns about Ethics, journal leaflet; IINet Australia UFT199; Institute of Technology for Development Brazil UFT8; Univ North British Columbia Canada UFT111; ETH Zurich UFT88; google sweep, yandex sweep; Jihlava Technical Univ Czechia UFT57; Gharibyna German Synchrotorn Facility UFT39; Siemens Company ECE Overview, 2D-ECE-FEM-1, Non Maxwellian Static Solutions; Vacuum Paper 2; infinite solenoid; Monmouth College Illinois Essay 27; Ohio State UFT25; ITAP Purdue: Double Slit; Univ South Carolina UFT88; Andalucian Institute of Earth Sciences Univ Granada crystallography laboratory Essay 11 (Spanish); Poitiers UFT198; International Institute for Theoretical Physics Trieste UFT4; Institute for the Foundation of Fundamental Research Amsterdam UFT29; National Institute for Subatomic Physics Amsterdam: Experimental advanatges of ECE theory over the standard model; Norwegian University of Science and Technology UFT166; New Pakistan University UFT175; Dept. Engineering and Computing Coimbra University Portugal: Phys Scripta; Univ Alexandro Ioan Cuzo, Iasi Romania: my CV; particle physics and high energy Lancaster Univesity UFT142; Univ Newcastle upon Tyne UFT143; Magdalen College Oxford educational note 2.

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