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Special Issue on the Collapse of Einstein’s General Relativity

October 29, 2011

This is scheduled to be issue six of “Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry” and will consist of UFT 186 – 196 on excluding UFT 191. It will be published by Cambridge International Science Publishing ( and a hundred complimentary copies will be sent to the best physics departments worldwide, who all study regularly and have done so for almost eight years. These special issue papers have already been studied for months off the site, the three most read papers of relevance to the collapse of the Einstein theory have been UFT 193, 190 and 194 in that order, generating a total of 256 referrals (roughly equivalent to the number of times they have been studied and searched for through referring agents). The special issue will play the valuable role of bringing the collapse of the Einstein theory to the attention of all the best physicists assuming they do not know of it already. The demonstrations in these papers have been checked by computer by co author Horst Eckardt, and are simple to follow for any good theoretical physicist or chemist, or any good student. So the Einstein era lasted less than a hundred years or so, although Schwarzschild refuted Einstein’s theory of perihelion precession in December 1915, a month or so after it was published. The essays on our earlier refutations of Einstein theory are very popular. So all the claims to have verified the theory are of course nonsensical dogma. All the material about Einstein’s general relativity on a pseudoscientific site such as wikipedia are obsolete and nonsensical, all new papers on standard Einsteinian general relativity are obsolete before they are published. The importance of this new journal is therefore very clear to any intellectual, it is the only one free of this incorrect dogma. The critical review by Prof. Tolga Yarman and colleagues will also be published in a forthcoming issue.

M. W. Evans, Editor in Chief.

Class Action against the Duke of Beaufort

October 28, 2011

It is possible now to start class actions against wind turbines and specifically against another vandal, David Somerset, Duke of Beaufort, my distant cousin, and since we are such a close community in Wales, a cousin to all of us no doubt, although he treats us like a door mat. If one believes in such things he will answer to a higher court, and is already excommunicate and anathema.

197(4): Towards a New General Relativity of Orbits

October 28, 2011

This note puts together concepts towards a new general relativity of orbits, eventually in the next note that angular velocity will be expressed directly as spacetime torsion. This note shows that the simple rotation of a vector in a plane can be described in terms of the spin connection because rotating a vector clockwise with fixed axes is equivalent to rotating the axes anticlockwise with fixed vector. Rotating the axes is described by the spin connection. The aim of this exercise is to show that the Cartan torsion is a generalized rotation.


Continuing with UFT 197

October 28, 2011

At present I am thinking of a completely new theory of stable orbits of all kinds based on Cartan geometry, so this is general relativity of a new kind. Several related concepts have been worked out in previous papers, for example UFT 110, where the concept of infinitesimal torsion generator was introduced, together with the concept of rotational tetrad. These concepts will be developed in the next notes for UFT 197.

The Law on Bridle Paths

October 28, 2011

This is very well known, and can be googled up in a few seconds. A bridle path is the right to travel on horseback or leading a horse, with or without the right to drive animals. ALL motorized vehicles are prohibited, repeat prohibited, by law. This includes farm tractors, and of course vandals speeding on bikes, endangering life repeatedly. I demand the immediate prosecution of the party who caused such savage damage yesterday on Gelliwastad using a heavy tractor and earth bucket, and class action by the Mawr Community and environmentalists and scientists by civil tort against him or her for major damages. Class action in civil tort is now allowed in Britain. Anyone can see the bridle paths on Gelliwastad by using, there are only two, ancient ones used for driving cattle, not playing around with horses. The horse riders wander all over the ecology and must be presecuted effectively for multiple offences committed over years. The evidence is completely clear and I will keep on reporting it until something is done about it. There are three riding stables in the vicinity, so the police can investigate all three very easily. The police presence in Craig Cefn Parc should be increased to keep a close eye on people with a record of violence. Gelliwastad is very clearly COMMON land, all development there is illegal and will almost certainly destroy the ecology for the sake of idle tourism. Urgent and effective action to seal off Gelliwastad by heavy duty barriers is normal procedure when bridle rights are abused by any person whomsoever. The Council has a clear and urgent duty to do this immediately, otherwise the Council is compounding many felonies. This is well known to scientists as a rare ecology, with unique flora and fauna now seriously endangered.

Prof. M. W. Evans,.
H. M. Civil List

cc Rt. Hon. Martin Caton, M. P.
Rt. Hon. Edwina Hart, A. M.
Welsh Government

Special Issue on the Collapse of Einsteinian General Relativity

October 28, 2011

Distribution of the special issue is ideal, and I would suggest the top hundred physics departments and institutes worldwide. On behalf of new science a vote of thanks to Victor Riecansky, publisher of Cambridge International Science Publishing!

URGENT – Massive Damage on Gelliwastad

October 28, 2011

Massive damage was caused yesterday to Gelliwastad by a tractor and machinery, which has cut its way directly across the rare ecology in many cases. In consequence I demand an immediate investigation by the Chief Constable’s Office of the South Wales Police and by Swansea County Council. I call for the entire ecology to be sealed off to bikers and horse riders using heavy gates and stone obstacles, because this damage was caused by a locally owned heavy tractor and heavy machinery in an attempt to make horse riding easier. I call for prosecution of the responsible party to the full extent of the law. This heavy damage will make it much easier for vandals to access and further destroy the ecology, and it will make it much easier for major arson to occur, thus undermining months of hard work by the police’s anti arson unit. I demand that the Welsh Government take emergency action to prohibit and freeze ALL development in areas of rare ecology and areas in which the Welsh language is spoken. There are plans to build log cabins on the rare ecology, and this will cause further major damage. These plans are heavily opposed locally and have caused bitter anger. Such development greatly damages the Welsh language, which has been heavily damaged already by over development. These developers have a history of physically threatening those who oppose them. The local County Councillor, the Mayor of Swansea, was informed almost immediately of this major damage. He has designated his own property as a development and in my opinon this is conflict of interest. I have objected in the strongest terms to any further development which damages the Welsh language and the ecology and specifically to all further damaging development in Mawr.

Professor Myron Wyn Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, Scientia Doctor,
H. M. Civil List

cc Welsh Government
Rt. Hon. Martin Caton, M. P.
Rt. Hon. Edwina Hart, A.M.

Special Issue Six on the Collapse of Einsteinian General Relativity

October 28, 2011

This is planned for Issue Six of “Journal of the Foundations of Physics and Chemistry” ( to include UFT 186 to UFT 196 with the exception of UFT 191. My hand calculations for these papers were all checked by computer by co author Horst Eckardt, sometimes also by co author Douglas Lindstrom. In my opinion this will be a historic issue in physics, culminating in UFT 194 which demonstrates the complete collapse of line element general relativity in all spherically symmetric spacetimes. The Einstein general relativity is incorrect in many ways. Schwarzschild already knew this is in December 1915 but was ignored and sadly died in 1916. I wrote some essays to describe these papers in terms that the general public can understand. These were broadcast by Robert Cheshire and by Alex Hill in Spanish and are already very popular (this is clear from computerized feedback of, where all broadcasts and pdf’s of essays are very popular). The claim to have tested Einstein general relativity with precision is obvious nonsense from the perspective of our enlightened times, but was put over with such confidence and bravado that it was accepted by nearly everyone, even by severe critics like George Bernard Shaw who once interviewed Albert Einstein. This is what I call foggy dogma, or “fogma”. You can buy a hundredweight of fogma from H. R. Jones in Clydach. It makes excellent fertilizer as its proliferation shows.

Relation between Torque, Torsion and Angular Momentum

October 28, 2011

In UFT 197 I wish to develop the idea that torque and angular momentum both originate in the torsion of spacetime, so that torsion is the origin of all orbits. I have worked on this idea with the excellent Horst Eckardt over the last few years in several UFT papers. Now however it assumes a central importance because it seems to be the only mathematically correct way of applying general relativity to cosmology. In a series of my essays broadcast by Robert Cheshire, and by Alex Hill in Spanish, the collapse of line element general relativity has been described in a way that the general public can understand. The important papers on the collapse of the Einstein general relativity will soon be published in Issue Six or Seven of

Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry (Cambridge International Science Publishing,

They are UFT 190 ff. on The most important one is UFT 194.

So the dogmatists that cling to line element general relativity are completely out on a limb (including NASA which I much admired in the nineteen sixties for Mercury, Apollo and similar). They are being seen as unscientific and there only for money or prestige, an ancient human failing. I used the idea of torque in many papers in field applied computer simulation (see Omnia Opera of starting with the torque between an electric dipole moment of a molecule and applied static electric field strength. I then simulated the Langevin function by computer for the first time in history. I pioneered that technique at the EDCL of UCW Aberystwyth in about 1980 and it was first published in OO 115 – OO 117 , “Journal of Chemical Physics” and subsequent to that in many papers up to my time at IBM, Cornell and the University of Zurich. Nearly all of these papers are in the Omnia Opera, which is being extensively studied worldwide. The computerized feedback shows this without doubt.

Leonardo da Vinci and Rene Descartes thought in similar ways, Leonardo expressed his ideas as whirlpools, an idea taken up later by Descartes and many others. In my opinion all of physics can be reduced to spacetime torsion, or whirlpools. This idea is expressed mathematically in the equations of the engineering model, also studied extensively. We can be confident that ECE will be studied intensively all over the world for many years to come. Leonardo and Descartes have survived this test of time, the sternest test of all.

Phoned Simon Edwards about Craig y Nos

October 27, 2011

I phoned up Simon and Edwards and we discussed the running costs of Craig y Nos. They would average at about 250,000 pounds a year, and that would include tax, sometmes dependeng on actvities. I asked about initial office space so that AIAS can move in as soon as possible and discussed some genealogy (it is all on back over a thousand years to Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch. In Wales, these traditions are very important and part of the fabric of our or small Nation. So we should go all out to launch an appeal fund.