Welsh Language Act and Rights of Welsh Speakers

PS to Rt. Hon. Martin Caton, M. P.
Gower Constituency,

As Armiger, Bevanite Socialist and a poet in the Welsh and English languages I think that Mawr is a deeply tragic microcosm of the way in which the language is eroded and ultimately destroyed by over development. I have personal and detailed knowledge of how this has occurred, first by closure of the coal mines, which were entirely Welsh speaking, then by uncontrolled immigration of monoglot English language speakers, causing house price inflation and breaking up the close knit self sufficient community, in turn causing emigration of Welsh speakers who could not afford houses. If I had any power as Armiger, as did my ancestors the Princes, or my ancesrors the Cambrian Normans, I would enforce a strict immigration policy, and cap house prices, putting a complete ban on any needless development, and reviving the coal industry by imaginative modern methods, protecting the ecology as the farmers used to do for thousands of years. Yesterday I saw a coal miner suffering badly from lung trouble, and that brought back painful memories as in my autobiography in the blue box above my coat of arms. It is a stark contrast between the older generation, who gave so much to us all, and the generation of biker vandals. The latter would not last two minutes under the strong rule of a Prince Rhys ap Gruffudd, whose golden lion I have the honour to bear as the main element of my own arms. Mawr and communities like it in which the old language is still spoken should be gealtacht areas very strictly protected.

Evans Glyn Eithrym

cc Welsh Government

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