Letter to Rt. Hon. Martin Caton M. P.

Dear Mr Caton,

I will follow this up with a detailed written report to you at the Commons. As the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas I urgently direct the attention of the Welsh Government and yourself as M. P. for Gower to my blog on www.aias.us, which outlines severe ecological damage and degradation over years to Mynydd Gelliwastad by biker vandals and horses. This is a rare and unique ecology studied by botanists and zoologists. These biker vandals are aided by horse riders, who have vandalized a large area of the bridle path and also forced their way through a Council barrier near 48 Mountain Road, vandalizing the barrier and allowing biker vandals through. Having obstructed the police they must be prosecuted. Some courageous people from Craig Cefn Parc have tried to take their own counter measures by standing in the way of the bikeers with hand held phones, and so on. I urge you to act before there is a serious injury or fatality. I myself have been injured by bikers, only bruises, but they drive straight at walkers, and must be prosecuted and imprisoned. The police have been assaulted by bikers several times. My counter measures as Armiger are simple and completely effective, seal off the ecology with gates that will allow through only walkers. The horse riders have made it much easier for the bikers by using a heavy tractor to damage the ecology massively in an attempt to widen the bridle path illegally. NO motorized vehicles are allowed to use bridle paths by law, so all tractors must be stopped from accessing the ecology. This can be done by law and using gates.

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans, Armiger, Civil List Scientist, Scientiae Doctor,
H. M. Civil List

cc Welsh Government

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