Feedback for, October 2011 to Date

This is found as usual at the end of the attached file, and summarizes about 2% of the huge total interest in ECE theory worldwide. The broadcasting experiment has been a great success, so the easily understandable broadcasts dominate the feedback along with the UFT papers, which are technically at an advanced level. Significally, it is now known after seven and a half years of monitoring that all the top universities in the world follow the site routinely. So AIAS represents new physics, the universities teach the traditional physics. We have come to that agreement or equilibrium. This is the usual long term pattern in the history of physics. Similarly the new “Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry” ( ) plays the role of an avant garde journal. Even after seven and a half years, new universities are still appearing in the feedback, signalling sustained and expanding interest in great depth. It is known that both staff and students study the site regularly. This month so far there have been visits from one hundred countries exactly, demonstrating the completely international nature of the site. Of special interest to Wales here, the autobiography is being read a lot and also the poetry in Welsh and English. Robert Cheshire made some excellent readings, and I read the Welsh language poetry.


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