The Law on Bridle Paths

This is very well known, and can be googled up in a few seconds. A bridle path is the right to travel on horseback or leading a horse, with or without the right to drive animals. ALL motorized vehicles are prohibited, repeat prohibited, by law. This includes farm tractors, and of course vandals speeding on bikes, endangering life repeatedly. I demand the immediate prosecution of the party who caused such savage damage yesterday on Gelliwastad using a heavy tractor and earth bucket, and class action by the Mawr Community and environmentalists and scientists by civil tort against him or her for major damages. Class action in civil tort is now allowed in Britain. Anyone can see the bridle paths on Gelliwastad by using, there are only two, ancient ones used for driving cattle, not playing around with horses. The horse riders wander all over the ecology and must be presecuted effectively for multiple offences committed over years. The evidence is completely clear and I will keep on reporting it until something is done about it. There are three riding stables in the vicinity, so the police can investigate all three very easily. The police presence in Craig Cefn Parc should be increased to keep a close eye on people with a record of violence. Gelliwastad is very clearly COMMON land, all development there is illegal and will almost certainly destroy the ecology for the sake of idle tourism. Urgent and effective action to seal off Gelliwastad by heavy duty barriers is normal procedure when bridle rights are abused by any person whomsoever. The Council has a clear and urgent duty to do this immediately, otherwise the Council is compounding many felonies. This is well known to scientists as a rare ecology, with unique flora and fauna now seriously endangered.

Prof. M. W. Evans,.
H. M. Civil List

cc Rt. Hon. Martin Caton, M. P.
Rt. Hon. Edwina Hart, A. M.
Welsh Government

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