September Feedback for

The selected September feedback is found as usual at the end of this file, showing intense university interest worldwide as usual. AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson has kindly volunteered to interweave these two week summaries with the blog, which has been archived for conservation on This huge amount of immediate interest 24 / 7 / 365.25 shows that AIAS is the leading institute of physics worldwide. All UFT papers were read, all broadcasts heard, all articles read – the usual pattern. This feedback will be archived quarterly at the National Libraries in Britain as being of national and international significance. The AIAS is fully international but is run from Wales, so is the most sigificant institute of physics in Wales by far, obviously. The complete feedback will also be archived for conservation, well over ten million hits recorded since 2006. The attached is anly about 2% of the total, and concentrates on high quality intellectual feedback, assumed to be universities, institutes, organizations, government departments, large corporations with research facilities and so on. It is seen that there are repeated visits from the top two hundred universities in the world. A historian of science will find this feedback very interesting, and will be able to find it in the National Libraries on or on .

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