Request for Information

Information Commissioner’s Office Wales,

1) Recently I requested information from The University of Wales but was denied my right to see the documents in question. I request the Information Commissioner to ask the University to forward to me the following information under the Freedom of Information Act of 2000. If the University does not do so I understand that the Registrars can be fined personally up to 5,000 pounds each in a magistrate’s court.

1) My marks for my top first in chemistry in 1971 (percentage out of a hundred or equivalent).
2) The members of the Faculty Board that examined my D. Sc. Thesis in 1977, these must have been a Pro Vice Chancellor and two Senate Members. The Thesis is in the National Library.
3) The referees’ reports on the thesis, which must have been very positive.
4) A list of candidates for the post of vice chancellor at Aberystwyth in 2011, how many were Welsh speakers, and the reasons for the selection of a non Welsh speaker as vice chancellor.
5) All personal information that the University may hold on me.

2) Recently I requested Neath Port Talbot Borough Council to explain clearly and simply why the records of Pontardawe Grammar School have been destroyed. The Council refused to give me an answer, and just quoted laws already in the public domain. Can the Commissioner’s Office advise whether these records have been stored somewhere else? All O and A level grades were destroyed.

3) Recently I asked Swansea Council why the Mayor of Swansea has designated his own property as a development area under MA008 for Mawr Community. How can a private residence of the Mayor be a development area? This is serious conflict of interest. Also please forward to me the financial accounts of Mawr for the last twenty years or so. I wish to see what the Council has been doing with the taxes, and the proportion of taxes allocated to “developers”.

Professor Myron Wyn Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc. (Wales),
Civil List,

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