196(4): Calculation of the Precession Constant x

The precession constant x is given by eq. (4) and is defined by the magnitude of the spin connection. The precession of any object of mass m about any object of mass M is given by this theory. The theory can describe any kind of orbit, not only a precessing ellipse, so the next note will develop it for a whirlpool galaxy. In the solar system the precession of the perihelion is very tiny, a few arc seconds per century, and so this theory needs to be extended to other orbital properties whch are much more easily measured. Once having found x in terms of omega as in eq. (4) of this note, the orbital equation dr / d theta can be found in tems of omega, so this is the next step. So light bending can be calculated in terms of omega, or any orbital property. The basic (geometrical) idea of general relativity by Einstein was right, but his mathematics were completely wrong. This was known in fact since Dec. 1915, but anyone who said so risked losing their jobs and so on. Human nature again.


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