Sixth Forms Chemistry Practical (1966 – 1968)

The only other notebook I have is lower and upper sixth chemistry practical (mix ’em and boil ’em). So I will scan that tomorrow. Perhaps other notebooks will turn up, the more the better. I did all the experiments in physical chemistry at third year undergraduate in 1970 / 1971 at the EDCL. My notebooks were taken by Graham Williams, and used as model books, they were never returned. He was one of those who later conspired with Howard Purnell and Jeremy Jones to destroy my career. So all of this will come out truthfully in the autobiography’s later volumes. There was none of that vindictive corruption at the Grammar School. The closest thing to corruption was the mix up in the A level chemistry syllabus when we were given an organic chemistry practical examination which was not on the syllabus. In consequence none of us got an A grade, I got an A in physics, a B in chemistry and a B in pure an applied mathematics, with a D in self taught pure mathematics. Obviously I must have earned excellent marks in the written chemistry exams to make up for that disaster in the syllabus – an incident which was covered up. That was easily enough for Aberystwyth, which was trying to attract anyone at all with two E’s, and good enough for Cambridge. I recall it asked for two A’s and a B. I majored in chemistry at Aberystwyth and earned the best undergraduate degree in the history of the College, all subjects, followed by one of the best Ph. D. degrees in 1974 and a D. Sc. degree in 1977 at the earliest age on record in Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth. My career was then deliberately destroyed by Howard Purnell and Jeremy Jones for not going to Swansea. This is terrible vindictive corruption and I would say that it was an act of ethical and professional criminality. I found out last year that the D. Sc. (Doctor in Scientia) was initiated in about 1860 in the University of London as the highest distinction. It is a higher distinction than a personal chair or full professorship. I eraned it when I was 27,  old enough for a full professor. I was awarded it early in 1978, so should without doubt have been awarded a personal chair at Aberystwyth. The ridiculous excuse of “no money” was a cynical fabrication. The University has covered up all of this and so has standing left in an ethical or moral society or civilization. Howard Purnell died a long time ago, and I have no respect for his memory. He was corrupt and vindictive, a product of Cambridge.

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