Use of Computer Algebra Changing the Basics of Geometry

An example of this is

M. W. Evans, S. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (Cambridge International Science Publishing, Spring 2011,

Our current work at AIAS is revealing self contradictions in Riemann / Christoffel geometry itself at the most fundamental level, this is a series of papers UFT 186, 187 onwards which we aim to publish in the third issue of the new journal:

M .W. Evans, ed., Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry (June 2011 onwards bimonthly,

The first two issues have been published and subscriptions are invited. The journal has proven to be an intellectual magnet and we have enough material for about five years ahead, about twenty definitive reviews will be published by leading experts in fields all across physics and chemistry. Nearly all the twentieth century physics has now been overturned and replaced by ECE type theory. Who knows what kind of general relativity will emerge from here? It will be very different form that of 1900 – 1915.

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