Brief History of Defeat of Censorship Attempts

Attempts to censor my work have been taking place since about 1976, when I was Ramsay Memorial Fellow at Aberystwyth. They were defeated by simply continuing to work carefully. These notes complement the biography just published by Kerry Pendergast on The motivations can only be guessed at, probably professional envy and personal animosity.

1) I was told by Mansel Davies in about 1976 that A. D. Buckingham of Cambridge had written Mansel a letter to try to compel me not to publish. Mansel did nothing and I redoubled my publishing activity.
2) In 1978 the late Howard Purnell started a campaign to have my career destroyed for not taking up a corrupt job offer in Swansea. His agent Jeremy Jones carried out this campaign in various malicious ways at the EDCL at Aberystwyth as soon as I took up my SERC Advanced Fellowship there. I was graded top of my year by the British Government, i.e. the best British post doc of the era in chemistry. This campaign effectively wasted hundreds of thousands in Government grants to my BBC Hall of Fame Group and rebounded on the EDCL, which closed in 1988. I just carried on working as usual.
3) The University of Wales has tried to cover up this campaign ever since and is now insignificant internationally.
4) In 1992, I was told by Akhlesh Lakhtakia that I would be “buried” for producing B(3) theory. This charming individual has now come under police scrutiny.
5) As soon as I took up my chair at UNCC, Barron and Buckingham began a campaign against B(3), which rebounded on them severely in that their symmetry theory has been rejected. It turns out that four or five different groups had produced theories similar to B(3), none were attacked.
6) I was given the immediate support of Jean Pierre Vigier and several other capable scientists when B(3) first appeared, and Alwyn van der Merwe published my papers and rebuttals. For this a campaign was started against his journals by Gerhard Bruhn and others. Bruhn is now known to be a scientific fraud associated with Lakhtakia. This campaign was defeated by concentration on work and science. My post, salary and pension were removed in 1995 for proposing B(3) theory.
7) This injustice was righted by the British Government in 2005 and 2008 by the award of two British high honours for distinguished service to Great Britain in science.
8) The campaign against B(3) has been defeated utterly by the international response to ECE theory, but a lot of hearsay goes on behind the scenes, as the latest Springer incident has just shown. The international community has been studying ECE theory with great intensity for eight years, meaning that funding of obsolete and error ridden standard physics should cease.

In view of this I call for an international and impartial enquiry into how the academic world runs itself and for significant cuts in the funding of obsolete physics worldwide.

Evans of Glyn Eithrym,
H. M. Civil List,

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