Breach of Contract by Springer

Refusing to distribute “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (Cambridge International Science Publishing, is another breach of contract by Springer, there were also breaches of contract by World Scientific, so both publishers can be censured by Associations of Publishers worldwide. The Senior Editors of Springer do not have the technical ability to understand modern physics such as ECE theory. We found that the typesetting standards of Elsevier were very poor, the last time we had any dealings with them. One of the Elsevier Editors, de Giorgi of ETH Zurich, became extremely abusive when confronted with his lack of professionalism and a formal complaint against him has been made to the ETH administration for academic misconduct. This kind of misconduct has been effectively countered by the use of open source websites. The big publishers are interested in one thing only: money. The small publishers are often more progressive and enlightened. CEFE requires technical ability, and has already been described by one recipient as “a wonderful book”. Democratic rights and freedoms must be fought for by every democrat, every hour of every day, totalitarianism and censorship of ideas can rear its ugly head in any aspect of human life and in any country. Open source websites lead the way. Albert Einstein himself would have been the first to accept criticism thoughtfully. My co author Prof. Jean-Pierre Vigier was invited to be Einstein’s assistant at Princeton. The ECE websites have a tremendous international impact and overwhelm attempts at censorship. It will be interesting to see if Springer attempts to censor my biography, (www.cisp-publishing,com) then we will know what they are with great clarity.

Evans of Glyn Eithrym
H. M. Civil List

bcc Welsh Assembly Government

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