Some Historic Sites of Mawr

Mr Richard Turner, CADW

My correct title is Professor, I prefer to be addressed by my correct title, being one of the Queen’s Civil List Pensioners and recorded on the List as Professor. The Prime Minister’s Office addresses me politely by my correct title, and so must you as a civil servant. Similarly, if you were in the Army and I were a Colonel, you would not address me as Corporal. As a civil servant you are obliged to take notice of Parliamentary decisions, in my case the Civil List Act of 2005. Why do you assume that I wish to correspond with you in English, a language in which I never spoke in this true community of Wales? I can address you in Norman French if you like. I have already informed you that this is a Welsh speaking area urgently in need of protection. The name CADW means “keeping”, so the protection of the language and culture of Wales is your first priority – and you are too busy to do so. So what do you do? You state that you are too busy to look into a list I gave you of monuments that others and I saved from destruction by development. I did not ask you to look into anything, I am capable of reading a map. Have you heard of Oliver Cromwell? “Thou hast sat here o’er long for all the good thou hast done”. The Assembly has been informed that the People is still in control of Mawr. I do not think you should assume that any of us wish to correspond in English, or Norman French. All staff of the Assembly should be obliged to learn the language of the country which offers them sustenance by taxation. When the Welsh language is mentioned you automatically reach for your translator, another bureaucrat. Why not learn it yourself? None of the chapels here use English as a language. You would know that if you knew anything about Wales, or Britain.

Professor Myron Wyn Evans of Glyn Eithrym, Gentleman
H. M. Civil List,

cc Welsh Assembly

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