FOR POSTING : My Relation to Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector

Oliver Cromwell (1599 – 1658) was descended in two ways from Tewdwr Mawr (977 – 993), ancestor of Queen Elizabeth, the Countess of Wessex, and myself. His grandfather Sir Richard Williams of Llanishen, Lord of Neath (1499 – 1544) changed his name to Cromwell because he was the son of Morgan Williams of Llanishen who married Katherine Cromwell, sister of Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex, son of Walter Cromwell of Putney and Minister of Henry VIII as is well known. Morgan Williams was the son of William or Gwilym ab Ieuan of Llanishen (b. 1443) who married an unnamed daughter of Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, Duke of Bedford (bc.1431), Uncle of Henry VII Tudor, ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II. The Tudors were also descended from Tewdwr Mawr as shown and well known. I believe that my friend and colleague Dr Gari Owen is also descended form the Tudors. Acknowledgments to Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas, V.C., and the definitive genealogist Bartrum. This information and much more is on the definitive Turner-Thomas site “Celtic Royal Genealogy”. Oliver Cromwell is best described by Christopher Hill, “God’s Englishman: Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution”, the definitive and highly regarded biography. Cromwell was a very effective general, less effective as a politician, making himself Lord Protector. Not quite a dictator. So Charles 1st. Stewart was his own cousin. The Civil War resulted in the establishment of Parliamentary Democracy in the long term, and may be said to have established the United States of America from its Leveller philosophy – “The Agreement of the People” of 1647. Washington and Jefferson, first and third Presidents, can both be traced to much the same genealogical origin as Cromwell, but the vital difference is that the philosophy of the Declaration of Independence of 1776 was a Leveller philosophy rejected by Lieutenant General Oliver Cromwell and Commissary General Thomas Ireton at the 1647 Putney Debates with the Levellers, Anabaptists and others (Christopher Hill). The original Leveller philosophy is my own philosophy, having been brought up as a Welsh speaking Baptist like David Lloyd-George.


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