FOR POSTING: Detailed Genealogy from Prince Tewdwr Mawr (bc 977)

This was built up over nearly a decade of research by several scholars, with particular acknowledgments to Stuart Davies, Leonid Morgan, Bartrum and Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas, V.C. There are thirty generations in all. There are many instances of marriage into the line of Prince Tewdwr Mawr, himself descended from King Hywel Dda. The distinguished genealogist and historian Leonid Morgan researched the two lines of descent that I have from Morgan ap Richard Awbrey (bc 1510 – > 1599), Gentleman, of Ynys Cedwyn Hall, Ystrad Gynlais. All the source documents not given by Leonid Morgan have been found and researched with one exception, Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn Hall. However, the other evidence for her is solid. She married her cousin Morgan ap Thomas Awbrey y Garth on January 19th., 1763. Rev. Alun Brookfield found the Callwen Parish record for Thomas ap Morgan ap John Awbrey (< 1630 – 26 / 6 / 1689).


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