My Relation to Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell, born 1599, was descended from Morgan Williams, the son of Richard Williams Lord of Neath, whose grandfather was Jasper Tudor Earl of Pembroke, the Uncle of Henry VII Tudor, my ancestral cousin. He took the name Cromwell because Morgan Williams married Katherine Cromwell, whose father was Walter Cromwell of Putney. Oliver Crowell is too famous, or infamous, according to whose side you are on, to need any description from me, as is Henry VII Tudor. I admire some parts of Cromwell’s character, especially “You have sat here too long for all the good you have done.” With acknowledgment to the Turner-Thomas site. The book by Christopher Hill, Master of Balliol College Oxford, “God’s Englishman: Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution,” is a brilliant one which I have read many times. I am a Leveller by intellectual background, they opposed Cromwell and Ireton in the Putney Debates of 1647 and wrote “The Agreement of the People”, later the U.S. Constitution.

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